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Using Apple Watch Maps

I'm in Munich all week and have been using the Apple Watch walking direction feature quite a bit.

You can either start with entering your destination into your iPhone or force touch the watch to bring up the search dialog and dictate a destination or choose from a list of favorites/recent locations. Walking the streets of Munich from one beer garden (Biergarten) to the next and to various sites and restaurants has put this feature of the Apple Watch to really good use for me. What's really nice about it is that you don't spend the whole walk looking down at your phone for directions. Instead, you glance down at your watch and follow the directions. You don't look at your watch again until you get a tap on the wrist that tells you about an upcoming turn or a recalculated path because you've been going the wrong way. Once you just simply trust the watch and ignore your natural instincts to "just walk in that general direction" it works really well. One less thing to worry about so you can spend that time more wisely by deciding which beverage tasting establishment to visit next.

Apple Watch Map Interface

Apple Watch Map Interface

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