1-Month With My Apple Watch

As I am writing this I have owned the Apple Watch for exactly 1-month. I don't want to make this a long post so I am going to just briefly hit on my top observations for the past month: - Freedom from the iPhone - Never missing a critical notification - It's the little things rather than 1 killer feature - So much future potential

Freedom from the iPhone

On weekends and evenings when I am home I previously (BAW- Before Apple Watch) had to either carry my iPhone with me in my pocket or leave it centralized in the house so I would hear any notifications or phone calls. Not any more. Now I just set my phone on my nightstand in the bedroom and don't worry about it. As long as my iPhone and my Apple Watch are within range of the same wifi network they stay connected, so any notifications are sent from my iPhone in the other room to my wrist.

Never missing a critical notification

I really hate being distracted with noises and vibrating devices. So the Apple Watch gave me the opportunity to re-examine just what notifications I deem as critical. I only allow 4 or 5 different notifications to be sent to my watch, so if my watch taps my wrist I know it is something I want to pay attention to. Everything else is relegated to silent/non-vibrating notifications on my iPhone so that the next time I unlock my phone they are waiting for me right there on the lock screen. The biggest advantage to this is never missing an important phone call, text message, calendar event or task list reminder. I use OmniFocus as my task list and I have been able to rely on it even more now that I am certain that if I set an alert for a certain time or location that I will most definitely get it. This has been HUGE! Seriously, take the time to figure out what your top notifications are and ONLY allow those to your wrist...it's a game changer.

It's the little things rather than 1 killer feature

I cant' point to a single "killer" feature that would push someone over the edge to get an Apple Watch. I think it is going to vary quite a bit from person to person. Streamlining notifications and communications for me on a daily basis is probably my "killer" feature if there is just one thing. I find myself using the Apple Watch to do more and more every day as I learn how to better use Siri and the various 3rd party apps to their full potential. All I can say is that you really have to own one for a while for you to properly judge just how much utility you will find with wearing an Apple Watch.

So much future potential

These are the early "wild west" days for the Apple Watch. Remember when iPhone first came out and there were no 3rd party apps and no "cut and paste?" We are in a similar place today with the Apple Watch. Apple will soon be opening up the watch to allow 3rd party apps to run natively on the watch instead of relying on just pushing information and notifications from the iPhone version of the app. This will allow 3rd party apps to use the Apple Watch processor and store data locally on the watch, which is required for some apps (like sleep monitoring apps for example). This is going to open up a whole new world of functionality. Developers are also now just getting their hands on the Apple Watch, so they will be able to use that first hand experience to refine their applications even further. This truly is just the beginning...

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