Review: TapCellar for iOS

Do you like trying different beers? If so, then you probably run into the same problem I alway encounter when entering into a large beer drinking establishment where I immediately begin racking my brain for all those beers that are hard to find that REALLY wanted to try when I next had the chance. The last thing you want to do when in this situation is turn down the waiter or waitress on bringing your 1st beer while you struggle to remember those beers. Enter TapCellar...

TapCellar is the beer rating app of choice for those of us that a pretty serious about trying new beers wherever we go. There are quite a few beer logging aps out there and most of them are focused on the socail aspect of beer drinking. - What are your friends drinking? - What are you drinking that your friends might like? Make no mistake, TapCelllar has a social aspect to it. It will integrate with your Untapped account. But it's main focus is for you to be able to rate and keep track of everything you try, keep a list of everything you want to try and beers you want to buy the next time you at the store.

Beer Journaling

This is the main focus of this app, documenting each beer you try and rating it for future comparison against other beers. The 1st step in the process is find the beer you are drinking in the extremely large database (30,000+ beers strong) and it is all local to your iOS device (no need to have a cell signal from the basement of your favorite bar). When you first open the app it takes you to the main listing of all 30,000+ beers. From there you type in a term at the top of the page in the seach field and see if that term or terms your typed is enough to narrow down your search. For example, I typed in the search term "Dunkle" and it came up with 109 records (too many to manually scroll thru and find what I am looking for. In order to perform an advanced search you need to press the "down arrow" icon to reveal the following list of built-in filters you can apply: - Style - Cellar - ABV - Name - Date - Shopping - Vintage - Brewery - Grade - Bookmark - Journal - Description Use a combination of search terms and filters to find the beer you are looking for. But what about the "Journal" fitler option? The journal filter option lets you search for a specific word or phrase within all the journals your have written. This is really handy, for example, if you are trying to remember a beer you had in Ireland but can't remember the name. Search your journal entires and more than likely if you journaled about a beer you drank while in Ireleand you would mention "Ireland" in the text. What is a journal? A journal is a field within each individual beer entry where you can type in text/notes about each time you drank that particular beer. Where you were, who you were with, etc. You can also add a picture to each journal entry. This is great if you want to take a picutre of the unique glass you used to drink the beer or just want to take a photo of the people you were with. You can then enter a brand new journal entry each time you drink that particular beer so you can keep track of all the various locations and times you have ran across that beer. Here is a list of other things you can do with the individual beer listings besides add a journal entry: - Bookmark the beer - Add the beer to your shopping list - Enter the exact vintage of the beer you drank - Incriment the number of times you have had this beer - Edit any of the pre populated fields in the entry including the label artwork

Saved Filters

If you only drink certain types of beers or find yourself doing the same filtered search over and over again you can save your filter/search term preferences as a "Saved Filter" and it will show up in a list you can quickly choose from. Just swipe from left to right on the main screen in order to bring up the main menu screen and you will find a list of filters. Select the "Preferecnes" option at the bottom and then select "Edit Saved Filters" in order to choose which saved filters you want to show up in the main sidebar view.

Adding a Beer

Can't find the beer you are drinking? No problem. Just create your own entry. If you swipe left to right to bring up the sidebar view at the very top is the "Add a Beer" button and it brings up a blank entry where you can fill in all the entries that you know.

Who is this app for?

This is one of (if not THE) most powerful and flexible beer journaling iOS apps out there. This app is made for serious beer tasters who want to go beyond just finding out what their friends are drinking. The app developer set out to create an app that he wanted to use for himself, knowing that there were other beer afficianados out there that wanted the same thing. First and foremost this is a beer journaling app that is designed to be used one-handed (with a beer in the other hand) and without an internet connection. If you find yourself using another beer tasting/journaling app and find it lacking in one or more key areas then TapCellar is for you.

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