Why Do I Still Use My iPod Nano?

I was out running last night and my iPod Nano went flying out of my hand and dropped into the street cracking the display. I love my iPod Nano, despite the fact that it seems like the iPod is a thing of the past and has been replaced by multiple other devices. So why do I still have an iPod Nano?

  1. Apple Watch Music Sync: I can't easily use my Apple Watch for music while I workout. I sync my Apple Watch with two different iPhones and each time I have to switch phones (which is twice a week) any music I sync to the watch has to be re-synched (and I always forget to do this).
  2. Need Lots of Music for Workouts: I workout a lot, so unless I sync a lot of different music to my Apple Watch I don't have enough variety to keep it interesting.
  3. Old Bluetooth Tech: I own an older pair of Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones. These older headphones don't have the strongest bluetooth signal (it doesn't use the new Bluetooth Low Energy technology) so I have to wear my Apple Watch on my right wrist to keep it connected.
  4. iOS Music Sucks: I don't have the best luck with the iOS music app. Sometimes it works great, but other times it won't play or I can't find the music I'm looking for. Sometimes using an old school iPod is so much easier. It just works.
  5. Great for Travel: I travel a lot, so I end up doing a lot of reading, work and playing games on airplanes. Depending on what I'm doing I am using various iOS devices and each devices has different music on it. The music downloaded locally on iOS devices isn't always the music I am in the mood for or is best suited for the task I am doing. Having all of my music downloaded on my tiny iPod Nano means I plug in once to the Nano and then I'm good to go, guaranteed to have access to the music I want at the time.

I don't absolutely need an iPod Nano, but I would sure miss it if it stopped working. I probably won't repair my Nano right away. It still works. I may end up replacing the screen on it myself, it can't be as hard as replacing an iPhone or iPod touch screen and I've done both. Eventually, I will start using my Apple Watch more and more for music while I workout. I will eventually replace my aging Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones and get ones with the newer bluetooth technology making the connection more reliable with my Watch while working out. And maybe (it's a big maybe) Apple will make the iOS Music app not suck so much (a guy can dream can't he).

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