Saying Goodbye to Circus Ponies Notebook

I was very sad today when I opened up my RSS news reader and saw the article from the Mac Observer that "Circus Ponies Closes Up Shop For Good". Yes, my favorite Mac app for capturing data in a "notebook" on the computer (Circus Ponies Notebook) is no longer being developed or supported because the company is closing its doors as of today.

Why is this such a big deal? It's a big deal because this was a very unique piece of software that filled a need for me that is now gone. I talked quite a bit about how I used the Notebook 4 software for my job at NASA on the Mac Power Users episode #228. I would use the Notebook software to create a digital notebook for use while sitting on console during a rocket launch so I could quickly get to information I may need if an issue came up during the launch countdown. Then more recently, I have gone back to school to get my Masters degree in Space Systems Engineering. I have been using the Notebook software to take notes and keep all of my class materials in one notebook for each class. My last class is this semester, so it looks like I will get to finish out school with the Notebook software but after that we are going to have to part ways. Both iOS and the Mac OS are updated once a year and if the software isn't maintained you simply can't count on it to work in the new OS.

I'll probably write a post a while from now about options for people looking for a Notebook replacement. There are certainly other software packages that have similar functionality, but they just aren't the same. In the mean time I am going to finish up my last semester of school and then I'll have to figure out what to use during my next rocket launch (the OSIRIS-REx mission in September of this year). For now, I am just sad...

My daughter's drawing of a "sad" version of the Circus Ponies icon

My daughter's drawing of a "sad" version of the Circus Ponies icon

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