Why no 3.5mm Jack on the New MacBook Pros?


The day after Apple had their event to show off the new MacBook Pro design I had several people asking me about what the heck Apple was doing. For those of you that have been lucky enough to avoid all the drama...Apple released the new iPhone 7 a little over a month ago and for the first time ever the iPhone did NOT have a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones. The reason? Apple needed the extra volume (and by volume I mean space). The iPhone has been getting thinner and thinner and that old analog jack takes up valuable space. So Apple eliminated the headphone jack and released a new version of their wired Ear Pods that has a lightning connector instead of a 3.5mm connector.

Some people took this change very personally, but honestly it had to be done eventually. So whether you are a fan of this move by Apple or not, it is done. But last week when Apple introduced the new MacBook Pros and they still had the 3.5mm headphone jack and they didn't have a lightning port so you could plug in the new lightning Ear Pods, it caused some confusion. Why would Apple do this? In my opinion it is quite simple. Apple's long game is wireless. The lighting headphones are a stop gap. Otherwise, if Apple really intended for the future of digital audio to be through the lightning port they would have included a lightning port on the new MacBook Pros. I suspect very soon (maybe even the next iPhone) we will see the iPhone also remove the lightning port on the iPhone. What?!? How would you connect your iPhone to your computer? Do people really still do that ? How would you charge the iPhone? The answer is that the long game of Apple is wireless. I suspect they will soon move the iPhone to induction charging (similar to how it is done with the Apple watch). The iPhone will also take the Apple Watch's lead with respect to syncing as well. The Apple Watch connects wirelessly to your iPhone for all syncing so why can't the iPhone do the same thing. After all, more and more of your data is in the cloud anyway and not on your computer. Seriously who plugs their iPhone into their computer on a regular basis?

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