Apple Watch Heart Rate Glitch

I'm lucky to get my heart rate this low while I am sleeping, much less lifting weights! 

I'm lucky to get my heart rate this low while I am sleeping, much less lifting weights! 

One of the features I was most excited about when I first starting using the Apple Watch was fitness tracking. But right off the bat I noticed something strange. From time to time when I would be using the "Other" workout on the Apple Watch, my displayed heart rate would be about half of what I would expect it to be. In fact, I would say it was exactly half of what my heart rate actually was because a few minutes later the watch would correct the heart rate value to exactly twice what used to be displayed. That was 18-months ago when I first started using the Apple Watch. Apple has since released numerous point release updates to watchOS (10 to be exact), but this heart rate glitch is still there. My biggest use of the "general" workout is when I am lifting weights and since I do this 2-3 times a week it gets a lot of use.

I guess I should not be surprised. After all, this is the same company that took how long to come out with cut and past for iOS. Is it a big deal? No, but it is pretty annoying. Especially when it seems to be a simple scaling issue where a simple safety net could be coded in to make sure that the scaling didn't alter the displayed heart rate by more than a certain percentage over a specified time. If your heart rate drops or increases by more than a certain percentage during a workout (say a 2X increase over a few seconds) then you are probably either dead or the heart rate is wrong.

So after 18-months I am finally doing something about it. No, I'm not chucking my Apple Watch in the pond. I am sending Apple some feedback. The real reason I am writing this post is let people know just how easy it is to send Apple feedback about the Apple Watch. Apple has a dedicated website and it only takes a few seconds fill out the mobile friendly form and hit send. So don't be like me and stew over something stupid like a heart rate glitch for 18-months. Send Apple some feedback so they at least have the chance to do something about it.

Apple also has separate dedicated feedback sites for:

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