Mac App Store Refunds


This past weekend I did a nuke and pave of my Mac, which means I totally wiped the computer and did a fresh install of the operating system. As I was re-installing applications I made a couple of really stupid mistakes. I ended up accidentally purchasing $50 worth of apps from the Mac App Store. One app I had previously purchased from the Mac App Store, but the store didn't recognize this because family sharing wasn't properly configured on the Mac yet. The other app I purchased was an app that I thought I had previously purchased from the Mac App Store but I had actually purchased directly from the company's website. I figured I had just made a couple of stupid mistakes that cost me $50.

So I contacted Apple via email and told them what I had done and asked them if there was anything they could do. I got an email back within 24 hours saying they were processing a full refund for questions asked. I'm guessing they were able to look at my account and see that I had indeed purchased both of these app in the past, one using my correct Apple ID and the other app I had purchased previous versions of through the App Store. But I was expected Apple to ask for some kind of proof from me rather than do it themselves. Who knows, maybe they didn't do any checking at all. Either way I was pleasantly surprised that they just took care of it.

Say what you will about the Mac App Store (trust me I have plenty of complaints), but being able to get your money back after making some accidental purchases is really nice. If you find yourself in a similar situation with either the Mac App Store or the iOS App Store don't hesitate to contact Apple and ask for a just might get it.

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