Apple's New "Support" App for iOS

More than likely either someone in your immediate family or someone you know received an Apple gadget of some sort for Christmas. Apple devices are great and all, but they aren't perfect. Like anything else they can be problematic. Before a couple of weeks ago, if you were having problems with an Apple device that either meant calling Apple over the phone for support or going into an Apple Store. There was also an option to get support from a dedicated support website. But now there is another option...a brand new iOS app called (you guessed it) "Apple Support." Login to the app with your AppleID and the app will already list all of the devices you have purchased and registered with Apple. All of these devices that are listed are devices that are signed in with your AppleID. If you need support for a device that is not your device or not signed into your AppleID, either sign into the app with that AppleID or just scroll down to the bottom of the device list and select "Get help with other products."

Simply select the product you are having issues with from the list and select one of the categories of issues that best matches your problem. Once you drill down a layer or two into the menu system you are presented with either a list of topics or support articles that may or may not help you with your problem. Once you view one of these items and get to the "Recommended Articles" list, the top of that screen also gives you options to:

  • Chat
  • Call Apple Support
  • Schedule a call (Apple Support will call you)
  • View all (which shows you a list of all options and each one gives you an estimated wait time)

This new app makes so much easier to quickly find all the information you need to either try and resolve the issue yourself or to get a hold of an Apple Support person to help you through it. Either way, clicking through the new iOS Apple Support app is so much better than searching through Apple Support articles through a standard web browser and trying to find a support article that has anything to do with your particular issue.

So next time you or someone you know is having an issue with an Apple Product give Apple's new support app a try...

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