A Holiday Gaming Tradition: Angry Birds Seasons

I'm not a big gamer by any stretch. I either stick with retro gaming or maybe a story-based or puzzle game on iOS, but I really don't spend a lot of time playing video games. However I did get hooked on playing the Angry Birds Seasons (iPhone and iPad) game every December. I've been doing this ever since the game came out in 2010.

The iOS gaming version of an advent calendar

The iOS gaming version of an advent calendar

The game works a bit like an advent calendar, where each day you get to open up a new door/level in the game. The game starts on December 1st and the last stage or level is opened up for play on Christmas Day, December 25th. It's pretty much the only time all year that I play Angry Birds and it has become a tradition for me. If you get a full 3-starts on all 25 levels then you get to play a bonus stage. Every year there are at least a couple of levels that are really difficult for whatever reason to get 3 stars. But its all part of the challenge.

A year or so back the Angry Birds Seasons game started getting a lot of ads that would pop up during play. I searched and searched for an option in the app to make an in-app-purchase to make the ads disappear but to no avail. I even contacted the developer and requested that they consider adding that as an in-app-purchase option. They responded and said that in-game ads were a significant part of their business model and that they had no plans to provide an option to buy your way out of ads. They have to make their money one way or another so I really can't complain. Given the current app economy I totally understand where there probably just aren't enough people willing to pay to remove ads to make it worth their developers time. The first year the ads appeared the ads would actually disrupt the game and cause errors. Luckily that has gone away. Ads or no ads I still enjoy my little holiday gaming tradition...

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