1WaySwim is Now Published in Apple's News App

Just wanted to let my readers know that you now have yet another way to read my blog posts. 1WaySwim content is now also being published in Apple's new "News" app/service on iOS devices. Just click the link below or search for "1WaySwim" within the app to find the channel for this blog and add it as a favorite.


So what is this iOS News app anyway? It is a way to regularly read news from sources that you like, while at the same time get recommendations for news stories from sources that you may not know about. The News app comes pre-installed on all iOS devices running iOS 9 or greater, so it is a stock app that you can't delete. I use a good old-fashioned RSS reader to get my news, but I've been trying out the News app recently to see how I like it. What I did was take all of the news sources that I currently read via RSS and if they were available in Apple's News app then I added them as a favorite to the News app. Then I created a special group in my RSS reader called Apple News and I've been trying to get my news from those sources in Apple's News app now instead of reading it my RSS reader. I then created a folder on my iPad to keep all my news and information apps together to remind me to open up and read the News app (since it's not habit for me to do just yet). So I'm giving it a try. I don't think the News app is going to work for how I like to consume my news stories, at least not for most of my news sources. For some news sources I really like the way the stories are displayed in the News, so I may decide that for some of my news the News app is a better way to consume. Like I said, I'm giving it a try...

A screenshot of my new News folder of apps on my iPad  

A screenshot of my new News folder of apps on my iPad  

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