Day One 2 iOS Journaling App - Free Download

I've been keeping a daily journal (except for the days I miss of course) since June 1, 2012 and I've been using an app called Day One to do it. Day One is more than just a text journal, it also has the ability to track and enter your location, local weather conditions, number of steps taken and of course photos. So instead of thinking of it as a diary think of it as a digital log of all the important things in your life. I've got 3 kids and they are growing up fast, so keeping a record of events big and small so I can go back and see when and were we did "that thing" is HUGE. It's also a really easy way to compile blackmail material against your kids...let's just say my son is going to have some very interesting stories and photos for his pre-wedding dinner party in about a decade...

Day One was recently overhauled into Day One 2, a very significant update to the application on both Mac and iOS. Day One 2 is an entirely brand new app and required existing users to purchase the new app if they wanted all the verison 2 "goodness." And let me just say the upgrade to version 2 was well worth the price of admission.

This morning as I was browsing through the Apple online store using Apple's iOS Apple Store App, I noticed that Apple had promotion within the app that gave users the iOS version of Day One 2 for free:

Apple's promo banner in the iOS Apple Store App

Apple's promo banner in the iOS Apple Store App

So if have been thinking about getting into journaling or already have the Day One app but haven't paid for version 2 (Day One 2), this promotion is a great opportunity for you. Head over to the main page of Apple's iOS Apple Store App and start scrolling down the page until you see the Day One 2 promotion banner and enjoy the free app!

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