Road ID for Apple Watch

I've been wearing a Road ID of some variety ever since I got back into road cycling, but this latest version of the Road ID (Road ID for Apple Watch) is even better because it's always on your wrist.

So what is Road ID? Road ID is an identification (bracelet, badge, necklace) that you wear while you are out doing any kind of activity where you might become injured and be unable to answer basic medical questions. If you were to get injured, anyone who finds you could immediately contact your emergency contact if you put that information in printed form on your Road ID. Additionally, if you get the "Interactive" Road ID this provides emergency medical personnel with access to an online system that tells them things like existing medical conditions, allergies, reactions to medications and even contact information to your physician (you choose what information you want to share).

Very recently, Road ID debuted a new form of Road ID that slides on to the Apple Watch fluoroelastomer sport bands. I immediately bought one. Up until this was released I was wearing a basic slim wrist band Road ID and then before that the Fixx ID necklace. The only drawback with these version of the Road ID was that I had to remember to put them on before going outside for exercise. It was a pretty easy problem to manage, I would just store the Road ID with my cycling gear but sometime I would go out for a run and forget to grab my ID. But I never forget my Apple problem solved. Adding a Road ID to the Apple Watch also has the additional benefit of giving you an extra form of identification when you are out and about and NOT exercising. Your Road ID is always on you as long as you are wearing that particular band with your Apple Watch. The world is a scary place and having an extra form of ID on your wrist is certainly not a bad idea. In fact, I also use the Medical ID feature on my iPhone. If you don't know what this check out my post that explains how to setup and use it on your iPhone. It also comes in handy if you lose your iPhone and an honest person finds it and wants to return it to you.


Whether you have an Apple Watch or not, the Road ID concept is awesome and I highly recommend it for everyone. There are a ton of version to choose from. Find the form that works best for you and then share as little or as much as you would like (both on the physical ID badge itself and the optional "Interactive" service). If you decide to get one I have a $5 off coupon code below. Just click the link and make your purchase from the Road ID website and $5 will be automatically deducted. The coupon will only work for the first 5 people to use it...

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Be safe out there!

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