Why I'm Not Getting the New Apple Watch


If you know anything about me you might be a bit surprised that I haven't already put my pre-order in for the new (Series 2) Apple Watch. Having lived with the "sluggish" nature of the original Apple Watch for 16 months now I am a bit surprised myself. The prospect of a faster processor in the Apple Watch alone should be enough to push me over the edge, but I have my reasons:

  1. Next week Watch OS 3 will be released, and by all indications this is going to give the 16 month old watch a new lease on life. The promise of a more optimized OS and much faster 3rd party application response times means this really will make the watch feel brand new. If Watch OS 3 does everything beta testers are saying it does then I am going to be extremely happy with this OS update...effectively turning my watch into a new Apple Watch.
  2. I still have another 7 months of Apple Care left on my Apple Watch. Apple had already had to replace my Apple Watch once due to the back falling off, so I really have no interest in buying into a brand new Apple Watch and having to re-purchase Apple Care for that new Watch. I am going to use up a bit more of my Apple Care and enjoy the snappier watch with Watch OS 3 for a while, and then a few months before my Apple Care expires I will sell my Apple Watch and spring for a new one (I really don't want to wear an Apple Watch without an extended warranty).
  3. I just pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus (128 Gb in Jet Black) so my I have a new tech toy on the way. As much as I like new tech there is only so much money I am willing to spend at one time.

I really am expecting the new Watch OS 3 to turn my watch into a new watch, at least from a speed and usability perspective. So in a very real way I am getting a new Apple Watch next week...

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