Fixing an iPad That Keeps Dropping Cellular Connection


I'll follow up my last post, which was probably the longest I have ever written, with what will probably be one of my shortest. I've had my iPad Pro (12.9" 128 Gb LTE) for just a little more than a year now. From day one with my iPad Pro I have had cellular connection issues. While I was using the iPad it would typically keep a connection with the cellular network, but generally within a day or two I would wake my iPad up and it would show that it didn't have a cellular connection. I tried everything to fix them problem, including restoring the iPad to factory conditions...nothing worked. A few weeks ago I finally resolved myself to the fact that I most likely had an iPad with a bad cellular antenna. But just before I called Apple I checked in with the new Apple Support iOS App that I wrote about a few weeks back. One of the things the app suggested for a bad cellular connection is to remove the SIM card from the SIM card tray, inspect the SIM card for any debris and then re-seat the SIM card. When I pulled out the SIM card I noticed a very tiny black speck of debris on the SIM card. Not believing for a second that the little speck of nothing that I just blew off the SIM card would have any impact on my problem, I re-seated the SIM card and turned on my iPad Pro. I haven't dropped a cellular connection since.

Sometimes the most frustrating problem can be solved with the most basic of actions. Apple's new support app just saved me several hours of troubleshooting with someone from tech support because I was able to quickly scan all the possible remedies and try the ones I had not tried up until that point. So if you are dropping the cellular connection on your iOS device try that tip and check out the other possible fixes via Apple's iOS Support app and it might just save you some time.

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