Traveling Without a Lightning Charging Cable


I am on a couple day work trip to Denver and I forgot to pack my iOS lightning charging cable. I have 2 iPhones (1 personal and 1 work) and an iPad Pro, so not having a cable to charge these devices was going to be a problem. The reason I forgot my charging cable was because I recently got a Fuse Chicken Titan Loop lightning cable that I now keep attached to the outside of my every day carry messenger bag...every day except days I travel. When I travel these days I tend to use my Henty CoPilot Backpack and leave my messenger bag at home. So my lightning cable is still at home attached to my bag.

When I realized this on the airplane ride out to Denver I initially thought I would just stop in at Target and grab a lightning cable. But then I realized I really didn’t have to. I still had my iPad charging brick as well as my OLALA Slide Power Bank Portable Charger that I had reviewed right here on this blog earlier this year. The great feature about this charger is that it has both lightning and micro-USB charging cables built-in, so as long as you have the Power Bank battery you have the charging cables you need to use it. So all I had to do to make it though my travels this week was to keep the Power Bank charged with my iPad charging brick (I did have the micro-USB power bank charging cable) and then rotate my iOS devices through charging cycles using the Power Bank and its built-in lightning cable. So that saved me a little bit of money and a trip to Target.

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