Cycling With an iPhone 7 Plus


Normally when I am out on my road bike I stick my iPhone in one of my jersey back pockets. But if I am just out going for a short bike ride with my kids and I'm not wearing all my bike gear, I have a bit of a problem. Anything breathable enough to be worn while cycling either doesn't have pockets or the pockets are certainly not secure enough for my iPhone. Also, I don't own an arm band large enough for an iPhone Plus model. Partly because I don't have much use for one (I run with my Apple Watch only and leave my iPhone at home) and partly because wearing an armband with an iPhone 7 Plus looks like you strapped a surf board to your arm (unless you have arms like Chris Evans...which sadly I do not).

So how do I go for a short bike ride with my kids and take my iPhone along? Well, this may not be the most elegant solution but in a pinch it worked just fine. Everybody has a few of these sport drawstring bags laying around don't they? I mean what else do you do when you want to carry around a phone that is darn near as big as a tablet?

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