Build an iTunes Movie Library on the Cheap

This tip is either going to save you a lot of money or it could cause you to spend money you might not have otherwise spent. I've had a really good experience with it, so I wanted to share it with all of you. But if you have tendency to buy too many things because they are a "good deal," you might want to steer clear of this one.

The iOS app is called "Movie of the Day" and it a very simple app that does one thing and does it well. Each day the app highlights a movie in iTunes that is being offered at a discount. The app is developed by Fox Digital Entertainment so it features movies from Fox and MGM that have been put on a 24-hour promotional sale price. The main screen of the app displays the discounted movie of the day. From the main screen you can select the "i" button and find out things like cast and crew, movie review information and a synopsis of the movie. The main screen also displays the sale price, the original price of the movie, a countdown clock showing you how much time you have to take advantage of the deal and a "get in iTunes" button that allows you to purchase the movie right from within the app.

Today's movie of the day, Marley and Me The Puppy Years, is not something me or my family is really interested in. But this isn't the case everyday. My wife quite often runs across a movie that she would like to own, but isn't willing to pay the standard $14.99 for. I have found it is also a great way to slowly add some really great movies from the past to your movie collection without having to shell out a bunch of money all at once. The movies offered tend to be at least several years old and are offered in the $4.99 to $9.99 range and many of the movies featured in these daily deals are quite good (it isn't just for obscure movies). I travel a lot and having a large library of digital movies to take on the plane with me is a must. My wife also like to sit down with a movie on the weekends, so between the two of us this app has given us a cheap way to slowly build up our movie library. You also don't have to buy the movie from within the app to get the deal. If you go to iTunes separately you will see that the movie is discounted there as well. I should also mention that there is an Apple TV version of the app as well. I highly recommend getting the app and getting in the habit of checking it every day. Just don't feel like you have to buy all of the discounted movies....

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