Writing on an iPad Pro in Cramped Spaces


Is it just me or are airplanes getting smaller? I swear I used to be able to get work done on flights, but the space between your chest and the back of the seat in front of you seems to keep shrinking (and I swear it's not because I'm growing a belly). Anymore I don't even have enough space to prop up my ipad Pro much less type on it. But I have a secret weapon. It's an app called MyScript Stylus and I've written about it before. But this time I am writing about the app while on a cramped airplane.


Luckily the people on either side of me on this particular flight were asleep, so I didn't have to explain why I was taking a picture of my lap

The MyScript Stylus is essentially a 3rd party keyboard you can install on your iPad. But instead of giving you a keyboard with keys it replaces the keyboard with a space to physically write on and then converts your handwriting to typed text within any app you are in. In the picture above you can see the blank space just below the row of buttons.

I am always pressed for time, so if there is any way for me to take advantage of a long airplane flight and actually get something done I will do it! On my flight today, for example, I was able to brainstorm a rough plan for a Project I have for my summer intern using the iThoughts mind mapping program. I was also able to outline my next long blog post (I really only outline the really long ones) using OmniOutliner. And of course, I was able to write this blog post. MyScript Stylus allows me to physically write on the surface of my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and converts that handwriting to text. My handwriting is rubbish, but the app does an excellent job of interpreting my "chicken scratch." Being able to lay the iPad down flat and turn it at a slight angle allows me to write, even through I don't have enough space to move my elbows away from my sides. I wouldn't want to write a long article this way but I have to admit there is a certain satisfaction in physically writing out something as opposed to just typing it.

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