Is Apple Killing Off the iPad Mini?


A few weeks ago Apple made a few updates to it's iPad lineup and one of those changes was to the iPad Mini line. But instead of a significant update to the device they lowered the entry level price and change the smallest storage level from 32 Gb to 128 Gb. In fact, 128 Gb is the only storage option you have now with the iPad Mini. But what does this mean for the future of the iPad Mini?

I currently only own 1 iPad, the 12.9" iPad Pro. It couldn't be further away in form factor from the iPad Mini. But I still love the iPad Mini and there are days that I miss the iPad Mini, back when I used to use it as my one and only iPad. Hands down, the iPad Mini was my favorite iPad out of all the iPads I have ever owned. It was such a great size for picking up and reading around the house. At the time it had a large enough screen to meet my needs as a sheet music reader (but doesn't anymore thanks to my aging eyes and a change in the type of music I am playing). I carried that iPad Mini around in a Book Book case by Twelve South and it was a joy to carry and hold. It was also a great size for using on an airplane. But my computing needs changed over time and eventually I got to a point where I could do most of my personal computing on an iPad Pro. So I consolidated my devices down from an iMac, MacBook Air and iPad down to just an iPad Pro and it has worked out great for me.

That is the very short version of my history with the iPad Mini. My daughter bought the iPad Mini 1st generation and is still using it today. I suspect there are a lot of other people out there like her that are still using a 4+ year old iPad and it is still working fine for them. That right there is the real reason Apple is simplifying its iPad Mini line. It's not because they are looking to kill off the iPad Mini. I think they know that the iPad Mini is the perfect form factor for a small but still significant number of people. The iPad is also a device that just keeps on ticking, so you don't have to update it with a new one ever year or even every couple of years. So you don't need a large and complicated line of iPad Minis to feed the market. Apple has simply adjusted its lineup to better match how consumers are buying the iPad Mini. I do not think this is a sign that Apple is looking to drop the iPad Mini entirely. At least that is what I choose to believe, because it would be a sad day indeed if the iPad Mini was no more...

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