Theater Mode Makes Wearing Apple Watch While Sleeping Easier


Since day one I have been using my Apple Watch 24/7 and that means while I sleep (yes, it is feasible to wear it at night and yes it can track your sleep). But up until very recently, every night before bed it would take me multiple screen taps and Digital Crown turns to turn off "raise to wake" on my Apple Watch so every time I turned over at night my Apple Watch wouldn't light up the room. But now that Apple has released WatchOS 3.2 and introduced "Theater Mode" this just got a whole lot easier!

What is Theater Mode?

Theater Mode on Apple Watch is designed to be used when you are in a movie theater and you want to both silence your watch and keep it from lighting up each time you raise your wrist. So Theater Mode, while active, overrides two settings on your Apple Watch:

  • "Wake Screen on Wrist Raise" is set to "Off"
  • "Silent Mode" is set to "On", which keeps your watch from making any notifications sounds (but you still get haptic feedback just no sounds)

So regardless of what your "Do Not Disturb" settings are or your sounds settings, theater mode will keep you Watch silent and dark. If you want to activate your Apple Watch screen when it is in this mode you have to press the Digital Crown. If you want to go a step further check out this article at iMore about how to create a custom movie theater Apple Watch face so when you do want to check the time during a movie you don't blind everyone near you.

A Simplified Bedtime Mode

So for those of you who are like me and wear your Apple Watch while you sleep the new Theater Mode is a HUGE convenance. Instead of having to go into "Settings" on the Apple Watch and select "General" and then "Wake Screen" and finally toggle "Wake screen on Wrist Raise" (it takes 5 taps), now all you have to do is swipe up to bring up the Notification Center on Apple Watch and select the Theater Mode button to activate and deactivate. So if you wear your Apple Watch while sleeping taking advantage of this new shortcut.

Getting your Apple Watch ready for bed is so much easier now!

Getting your Apple Watch ready for bed is so much easier now!

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