Independent Blogs You Should Know About


A couple of blog posts ago I wrote about how difficult it is for a small independent blog to stay the course, remain in existence and continue to grow and thrive. In that blog post I also explained ways in which you the reader can help my blog be successful , so if you haven't taken a look and done your part part to help 1Wayswim continue "swimming" please consider doing so. But now its my turn to help out other independent blogs. There are quite a few blogs that I regularly follow and love and I wanted to point others to them as well:

Lights in the Dark:

Lights in the Dark is an astronomy blog that was created by Jason Major 6 years ago when Jason's favorite website (Riding With Robots) shutdown. Within an hour Jason was inspired to continue in the footsteps of that site and started writing at Lights in the Dark. If you are into space at all (even if you just enjoy breathtaking space pictures) this blog is a must. The blog posts are extremely well written and you can tell Jason has a true passion for space and astronomy.


MacStories is a technology and automation blog that was founded by Federico Viticci. Federico founded MacStories in April of 2009 after he was fired from his current job. He started writing about technology on a free Wordpress blog which eventually turned MacStories (which now has 3 additional regular writers in addition to Frederico and 5 more occasional contributors). Several years back Federico had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which required him to spend a lot of time in and out of the hospital. This lead to Frederico to switch from using a laptop as his primary computer to doing everything on an iPad (because an iPad is MUCH easier to use in a hospital), so he writes a lot about the apps and workflows he uses to accomplish what he has to do on an iPad. For all of us that also do most of our work on an iPad he is our tech hero. MacStories has since started publishing a weekly newsletter and a subscription service called Club MacStories where you can opt to pay a monthly or yearly subscription in order to get even more great content from the MacStories team. If you are into Mac and iOS this is a must read blog.


Macdrifter is a tech blog written by Gabe Weatherhead. Gabe is also a personal hero of mine because he shares my passion for great beer and even developed a now dead and buried iOS app for logging beers (TapCellar may you Rest In Peace). Gabe covers a bit of everything when it comes to technology, so I really enjoying reading about his take on things and I think you will too.

Tools & Toys:

Tools & Toys is a beautiful tool and gadget review site that was started by Shawn Blanc, who..."quit his job as the Creative and Marketing Director for a Christian non-profit to spend more time with his son and to write full-time from the comfort of his own corner in the basement." Shawn also has a tech blog called and an online course he has developed called "The Focus Course." Anytime I am considering a tool or gadget purchase I always consult Tools & Toys to see what they recommend. I apologize in advance though, because Tools & Toys covers some super cool products and once you see some of these things they will end up on your wish list and cost you some $$$.

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