Speedpass+ for Apple Watch


A while back I wrote an article about the ExxonMobile Speedpass+ app for iPhone that lets you pay for gas with using Apple Pay. Well, a couple of days ago ExxonMobile updated their Speedpass+ iPhone app to add support for Apple Watch. This is really good news because using a credit card to pay for gas is probably one of the riskiest activities you can do. It exposes you to the possibility of credit card theft. Thieves have figured out some pretty clever ways to steal your credit card number at the pump, but if you use Apple Pay there is virtually no way anyone can compromise that transaction or get your credit card number. Plus Apple Pay is so much more convenient than any other method of payment. So how does this work?

The new Apple Watch app (which is automatically installed on your Apple Watch after you install it on your iPhone) runs on your watch an uses the GPS location data from your phone to determine which ExxonMobile station you are current at. So step out of your car and open the app up on your Apple Watch. The app will determine the station and ask you to spin the Digital Crown to indicate the pump number you are standing in front of. Then it prompts you to double click the side button on the Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay and the pump is authorized and ready to use!

I just used the new Apple Watch functionality last night for the first time and it worked well. It makes more sense to use the app from the Apple Watch because I didn't like use the iPhone app from outside of the car (I don't like pumping gas with a cell phone nearby), which meant I used to pay for gas from the iPhone while I was in the car and I would have to strain my neck to look up and out the window to determine the number of the pump I was pulled up to. Now with the Apple Watch I can do this outside the car. The only downside to using the Apple Watch over the iPhone app is that in my case it is a bit slower (but I have the original Apple Watch and not the Series 2). When I say slow let me put that in perspective...it still takes less time than it takes to swipe your credit card at the pump and much of the "slowness" I experienced is because my Apple Watch is slow and not because of the app.

The Speedpass+ app is supported at 9600 ExxonMobil locations across the US. If you have an Apple Watch and have to buy gas on a regular basis I highly recommend you give your business to Exxon Mobil. Companies that put customer's security and convenience first like this need to be rewarded with our business. Unless I am in danger of running out of gas I will be going out of my way to buy all of my gas at ExxonMobil from now on and you should too.

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