Artificial Superintelligence for iOS


I'm a big fan of all the various CARROT apps that are out there, but with the recent release of Artificial Superintelligence we finally get our first iOS game from CARROT. The game is very similar to other "Yes/No" games on iOS where you are presented with some piece of information and you must make a decision and are only given two choices. The most recent/popular game like this was an iOS card game called Reigns. Artificial Superintelligence is very similar to Reigns, but Reigns didn't have the snarkiness of a CARROT app. The look and feel of the two games are also very different as Artificial Superintelligence is set in modern times and Reigns certainly is not.


The basic gameplay of Artificial Superintelligence is that you are the genius behind a startup company that is developing a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the end goal is to keep your development effort alive by balancing your success and failures in four areas:

  • Employees
  • Investors
  • The Government
  • The Internet

Each decision you make throughout the game will impact each of these four areas and if any of these areas either dip too low or go too high then your game will generally end in one of 53 potential outcomes. The goal is really pretty simple...explore all the various potential outcomes and enjoy the geeky snark of CARROT along the way. Because the gameplay is so simple it can be played very easily one-handed while standing in line or when you just have a minute or two to kill. If you like snark and are into technology and the sense of humor that tends to come along with this it then you will love Artificial Superintelligence, so check it out!

Also, check out Episode 6 of the AppStories podcast where they interview the developer behind Artificial Superintelligence and all the CARROT apps.

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