Free Comic Book Day

The following is a guest post from my daughter Erica Owens...

Free comic book day is tomorrow and that’s extremely exciting. I’ve personally never been to this before. I buy comic books once a week at Viera Comics in Florida.

My favorite place for comics!

My favorite place for comics!

The atmosphere at Viera Comics is inviting and friendly. Getting free comic books sounds pretty great. There are comic stores everywhere in the country, find your local store and take your family or friends.

I talked to the owner of Viera Comics, Peter. He told me about the events going on tomorrow at his store. Obviously there are going to be free comics available, 10 per family. They are special editions for this day only. They cost the store 20-35 cents a book. So, while you are there, buy something to support your local comic shop and to say thank you for hosting this event. There will also be other things happening within the shop. Peter has, Kyoki Cubed, an artist coming in to do sketches for the guests. Cosplayers will be in costume to take pictures with, and characters from Make ‘Em Laugh Films. There will be a raffle for prizes. For every $10 you spend, you get one entry into the raffle (which could be for something like a CGC comic or a statue, however, he is still firming up the details of the raffle).

This event brings the community together to read and celebrate comic books. Take your friends and family and go experience the life of comic books. You don’t have to be an avid comic book reader, everyone is welcome, there is a series for everyone. Happy Free Comic Book Day!

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