My Apple Watch Back Has Fallen Off...Again


Last week I rode in a 500 mile bike ride across the state of Kansas called Biking Across Kansas (BAK). During one of the last days of the ride I had stopped for lunch and decided to charge my Apple Watch while I ate. But as soon as I stuck the Apple Watch to the magnetic charger the back immediately popped off. This wasn't the first time this has happened to me. In fact, the watch that Apple just sent me as a warranty replacement is now my 4th Apple Watch. So this is the 3rd time that my back has come off of my Apple Watch and Apple has had to replace the watch. The first 2 times the watch as still under the Apple Care protection plan I had purchased for it. This 3rd time it was not, but Apple still replaced the watch for me at no charge.

I have no earthly idea why this is happening. I don't swim or shower with the watch. The only thing I do with the watch that could be considered out of the ordinary is that I cycle with it outdoors on a regular basis. But the watch is designed to be worn during physical activity so that really shouldn't be causing the back to come off the watch.

So this time I decided to go ahead and buy a Series 2 Apple Watch. My thought was that since the Series 2 is much more waterproof than than my original Series 0 watch. Here's hoping...

But, since Apple has replaced my original Series 0 stainless steel 42 mm Apple Watch yet again, I now have a brand new Apple refurbished Apple Watch that I no longer need. So I am selling it for $300 (and that includes shipping). The Apple Watch itself is still wrapped in the plastic protective covering that Apple packaged it in when they sent me the replacement a few days ago. It comes with the original white sports band and original box. It also comes with a brand new Apple Watch charging cable/brick/puck. This is the charging cable that came with new Series 2 Apple Watch and I don't need it. So this is a close as you can get to a new stainless steel Apple Watch. If you are interested in buying it from me, contact me through my contact page on this site and I will be in touch.

UPDATE Apple has an internal service memo that extends the original Apple Watch warranty out to 3 years to cover this isssue and this issue only. See my latest post for more details.

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