Tom Bihn Saved Me Twice In The Same Trip


I just returned from my trip back to my home State of Kansas. The purpose of that trip...a 500-mile bicycle ride across the State in an event known as Biking Across Kansas (BAK). During this trip my Tom Bihn gear saved me twice. The first time was while boarding my flight from Florida to Kansas. I had my iPad Pro under my arm so I could lift up my carry on bag into the overhead compartment and the iPad slipped out and hit the floor of the plane. It must have hit with considerable force because multiple people on the plane let out a gasp as it hit the floor. Lucky for me my iPad Pro was protected by a Tom Bihn padded sleeve. My iPad was completely unharmed.

Fast forward almost a week. We were going to bed in our tent on the last night of BAK and there is a storm approaching. As many people do, my son, my Dad and I were camping in a tent that night. Given the magnitude of the storm we decided to retreat from the tent into our truck. We grabbed everything we could hold and made a run for the truck. Several hours later after torrential rain, lightning and 70 mph winds...the storm finally broke. My Dad and I waded (yes, it rained that hard) from the truck to our tents only to discover that they had both been blown over. So we were sleeping in the truck for the few hours that remained of the night. When we awoke at dawn we went back to the tent remains to scavenge what what left and under the heap of tent was my Tom Bihn Tri-Star face down in 3 inches of water. Despite soaking in water all night my work iPhone and all of my clothes remained completely dry. I did have to throw out my power cables and adapters that were in the front pouch of the bag but everything else in the bag came through untouched. Thanks to Tom Bihn I didn't have to explain to my employer why a Kansas storm destroyed my iPhone and I was able to make the 3 1/2 hour drive back to Wichita, Kansas in clean dry clothes. Sometime you get what you pay for with a product and Tom Bihn's bags is certainly an example of that. I wrote a review of the Tri-Star on last year and have been a very happy customer ever since.

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