App Specific iCloud Passwords


Starting June 15th 2017 Apple will make the use of app specific passwords for iCloud mandatory. What is an app specific password? An app specific password is a unique password that can be generated from within iCloud so you can then use that password to login to iCloud from a 3rd party (non-Apple) app. The most common use for these app specific passwords is 3rd party email apps and 3rd party calendar apps. These are apps that are not created by Apple but require access to your iCloud account in order to present you your email and/or calendar. It used to be that you could just enter your regular iCloud password into these 3rd party apps and you would be able to gain access to your iCloud data. But starting June 15th Apple is implementing additional security protocols that will no longer allow you to use your regular iCloud password unless you are using it with a native Apple app. The Mac Observer has a short article explaining the details and David Sparks made a video for the folks at Fantastical 2 showing us all how to do this:

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