Apple is Addressing the Detached Apple Watch Back Problem


Finally, we have at least some insider "unofficial" word that Apple is addressing the issue that has plagued some users like me whose Series 0 (original Apple Watch) back has detached or fallen off. MacRumors ran an article yesterday that they have obtained an internal Apple service policy that extends the warranty of the original Series 0 Apple Watch (all variants, Sport, Stainless Steel, Edition and Hermès) to 3 years from the original purchase date. So if you are like me and purchased your Apple Watch when it first came out, you are covered until April 2018. Keep in mind, the extension of the warranty to 3 year is ONLY to cover the detached back problem and doesn't cover you for any other issues that aren't related to the back of the watch falling off.

I can say that this is consistent with my personal experience with this issue. Just last month the back of my Apple Watch detached (for the 3rd time) and this time my Apple Watch was out of its extended 2-year Apple Care+ warranty. When I called Apple about the problem they didn't even question it, they just sent me a replacement Apple Watch. I have since decided to upgrade to a Series 2 Apple Watch, so this shouldn't be an issue I encounter again. In fact, I am selling the still in the wrapper Apple refurbished Series 0 Stainless Steel Apple Watch for $300 (white sports band, new charger with the original box) which includes shipping. If you are interested contact me through my contact page on my blog.

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