A Cellular Apple Watch?


This morning I left on my bike ride and ended up leaving my iPhone at home. I have a Series 2 Apple Watch, which means it has GPS and is capable of recording all the details of my bike ride without being connected to my iPhone, but if I got into any kind of trouble I couldn't call for help. So I rode back a mile or so get my iPhone. That got me thinking...what if my Apple Watch had its own cellular connection?

  1. I would be able to make emergency phone calls with my Apple Watch when out on a run. Currently I don't take my iPhone with me.
  2. I could go out on bike rides with just my Apple Watch. If I had mechanical problems or got into trouble I could just use my Apple Watch to call for help.
  3. I wouldn't need to carry my iPhone in my pocket at work. It could stay in my messenger bag or on my desk. All urgent phone calls and text messages would still be delivered straight my wrist and not having the iPhone at all times would lead to less distraction.

There are a lot of strong rumors out there that Apple might release the 3rd generation of the Apple Watch before the end of 2017 and it might have cellular capability. While not a game changer I do think it would be a nice feature to have and could lead to less reliance/distraction from your iPhone.

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