Meeting Peter Capaldi


This is a guest post from my daugher, Erica Owens...

On July 29th I met Peter Capaldi at Florida Supercon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He signed a poster of mine. For starters the line wasn't nearly as long as the line for Stan Lee at any convention, which was a surprise. Despite the line not being long it took a few hours to get through. Although tedious, Peter Capaldi was sweet. He spent the time to talk to everyone who came up to meet him and that's amazing.

Upon reach the table, it finally hit me what would happen soon. The giddiness and nervousness began to hit, and maxed out when we stood in front of him. The moment he said hello and asked us for our names, I relaxed. He's as sweet as any person that you would meet that day at the convention. I ended up asking him...

"What's the most embarrassing song on your phone?" "On my phone," he asked. Peter then thought about it and answered, "I can't tell you that! It's embarrassing! That will stay between me and iTunes."

Then I proceeded to give a request that caught him off guard. A friend of mine wanted to come, but sadly couldn't. She wanted to meet Peter Capaldi for the sole purpose of having him insult her, so she asked me to get him to insult her. He immediately said, "What?" Then someone behind the table said no recording, that's pretty standard. "It's okay just tell me and I will tell her," I replied. He was still confused. "Is she a fan of Doctor Who?" "Yep," I replied. So Peter responded, "Tell her to grow-up, get a life and quit being a geek!"

My friend was over joyed and so was I. The overall experience was more than I could hope for. If you ever get the chance to meet Peter Capaldi, I recommend it.

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