Simple Shared Bank Accounts


I've written about using Simple as my main bank before (so if you want to know the basics start there), but there are a couple of new aspects to the Simple banking services that I wanted to share (no pun intended).

Shared Accounts:

Earlier this year Simple rolled out support for "shared accounts." Up until this point each individual person had their own separate account. So if you were a husband and wife, a couple or partners you would have to manually manage money between the two accounts. Not any more. With "shared accounts" each individual still has their own account but they also share a single "shared" account. Both people have access to the "shared" account through the app and purchases can be made by each individual using their own Simple debit card.

Since I use Simple to keep my wife and I on a budget, the addition of a shared account really cough simplified things for me (sorry). Now I don't have to manually move funds between accounts as we are both spending from the same budget throughout the month.

Instant Customer Support:

I had two instances where I was in rather dire need of quick customer support and both times I got it from Simple. The first time I was on a flight to Australia and when I landed I noticed a rather large charge on my debit card from For those of you that know me this probably doesn't seem all that strange, except this was not an Apple purchase either my wife or I had made. One quick call to Simple and they were able to confirm that the charge was still pending and it was made electronically online (no swipe of the physical card). They were able to immediately freeze my account and issue me a new card.

The 2nd time this past month that I needed quick customer support was when I had a check mailed from my Simple account to another bank and that other bank claimed my check never showed up. I had just opened up a rather large line of credit with this other bank (it was time for a new roof) and my first payment was due. They claimed it never arrived and I knew better. One quick phone call to Simple and they emailed me an electronic scan of the deposited check with all the information I needed to prove to the other bank that they had my money (they just put it in the wrong account). What was even cooler about the whole interaction with Simple was the way they used the app on my iPhone to:

  1. Verify my identity on the phone by texting me a security code
  2. Encrypting the scan of the deposited check when they emailed it to me and then messaging me through the app the password to the encrypted file

I've only been with Simple for a few years and have really only needed to get a hold of their support a handful of times, but let's face it...if you need to call your bank it is probably pretty darn important. Each time I have called Simple not only did I get what I needed quickly, the whole interaction was very customer friendly. Let me put it to you this way, no more entering your credit card number into the phone touchpad and then having the customer service agent ask you...again... for your credit card or account number. They really do mean "Simple"

Easy International Travel:

Prepping to travel overseas is another nice feature with Simple. With all of my other credit cards I have to call my credit card company and struggle through their automated phone system in order to notify them I intend to use my card in another country. Not with Simple. With Simple all I have to do is login to my iPhone app and in a few taps in the app I am able to notify Simple where I am traveling to and for how long. Done.

Bonus Gift

I couldn't recommend Simple as bank enough. I've banked at large banks (Wells Fargo), small credit unions and pretty much everything in between and so far they all pale in comparison to Simple. If you are interested in trying out Simple I have a bonus for you. Use this link to sign up for a new account and both you and I will get a free handmade leather wallet from Tanner Goods (see the picture at the top of this article).

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