Apple Pencil Won't Connect to iPad?

2017-08-31 - Apple Pencil Won't Connect to iPad Apple Pencil Uncapped.jpg

A few weeks ago I went to use my Apple Pencil with my iPad Pro and it wouldn't work. It had been a little while since I had used the Apple Pencil so I figured it was just low on power. So I plugged it into the iPad Pro to charge it up, but still even after hours of charging the Apple Pencil wouldn't register. I was starting to think maybe my Apple Pencil was dead, but then I found an Apple Support article that suggested I totally unpair the Apple Pencil from the iPad and then reconnect it. That worked like a charm...I had my Apple Pencil back! So here is what you do if you are having problems getting your Apple Pencil to connect to your iPad Pro:

1. Go into "Settings" and then into the "Bluetooth" Section

2017-08-31 - Apple Pencil Won't Connect to iPad Settings Bluetooth.jpg

2. Select the "i" next to the Apple Pencil and then select "Forget This Device"

2017-08-31 - Apple Pencil Won't Connect to iPad Forget Device.jpg

3. Now re-pair the Apple Pencil with your iPad

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