KGI: All 2018 iPhones likely to adopt Face ID, but in-screen Touch ID still possible based on iPhone X response

9to5Mac (see linked article) talks about a report issued by KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo saying:

Kuo says that, if Face ID is well-received by consumers when the iPhone X launches later this year, then Apple will likely adopt a TrueDepth front-facing camera and Face ID across all iPhone models.

I find this very interesting. Almost 2 years ago now I published an article talking about how Apple is using us as Beta testers. If what Ming-Chi Kuo said is correct, then Apple is not only using us as Beta testers but charging us a premium for the privledge of testing out their hardware for them. The iPhone X represents the future of the iPhone line for Apple and because they are adding in some of the newest tech in this phone the phone is priced at a very premium level. If Apple is really doing this and pulls it off (meaning they use the iPhone X as both a way to increase profits and test out the market) then hats off to them. Most companies have to pay for market research...

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