Don’t Buy the 4th Generation iPad

2018-12-01 - 4th gen iPad 2.jpg

For some reason I have been seeing a lot of “deals” out on the internet for a very cheap (less than $75) for a “brand new” iPad (4th generation). We even had this as a deal on GeekDad (one of the daily deals we run on a regular basis) until I saw it and had our editors pull it from the site.

So here is a little history on the 4th Generation iPad. This iPad was originally released in November of 2012 (6 years ago) and was touted as the iPad with a Retina display. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great iPad at the time. But fast forward 6-years later and this iPad is grossly under-powered, barely has enough storage for just the operating system (much less any movies) and is not capable of running the last two most recent operating systems (iOS 11 and iOS 12) can only run iOS 10 or earlier.

This was actually my wife’s iPad until just a few weeks ago. She didn’t realize she was 2 operating systems behind, otherwise she would have upgraded to a newer iPad sooner. Why? There are a lot of security enhancements in each new version of iOS and once you start getting a few behind Apple stops making security updates. So if you use it to browse the web you are vulnerable. The other issue for my wife was storage. The base model of this iPad (which is what she had and is what most of these internet deals are for) had only 16 Gb of storage. After you load the operating system it only leaves you a few Gb of data storage left which isn’t even enough to download and watch a movie.

Most people who are tech savvy know not to purchase this iPad, but not everyone pays attention to the details when it comes to an iPad. Most of the time you are pretty safe when you buy an iPad (even an iPad that is 2 or 3 years old) but in this case this 4th generation iPad is just too old. Don’t waste your money and warn any friends or family members that might see this deal.

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