An Amazing New Space/Astronomy Newsletter


I’ve been reading (and listening via podcast) to Fraser Cain at Universe Today for many years. Fraser just announced recently that he is starting up a weekly newsletter that he is personally writing. The newsletter will come out every Friday and it will feature space related news from across the globe that Fraser will handpick as they are things that have caught his eye. I can tell you from experience that Fraser has a good eye for these things. If you are into space and astronomy and want an easy way to stay on top of what is going on then I highly recommend you sign up for this newsletter. I did. It will be waiting for you every Friday in your email inbox. That’s perfect timing for me as the weekend is when I like to kick back a little bit and catch up on interesting reading and this certainly fits the bill. It’s rare to get this kind of personalization these days so take advantage of it. Click on the linked article below for instructions on how to sign up...

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