Vincent Award #68: Ben Lecomte

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In 1988 Ben Lecomte swam his way into the history books to become the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Last week he started another swim, except this time he is going to cross the Pacific Ocean. He is also doing this for a help save our oceans. Ben and his team are partnering with 27 research institutions to collect over 1000 samples of water and specimens along the path of his swim.

“The mission of my historic swim is to bring to light the current state of our oceans...The research we collect during ‘The Swim’ will ultimately help us better protect our oceans and I’m excited to partner with Seeker and Discovery to bring this expedition and our findings to the world.”

This is a 5,500 mile swim from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco and he will be doing it by swimming 8 hours ever day and then sleep on a boat during the night. He will be wearing a special suit which will protext him from the frigid waters and his boat will be using technology to help repel the sharks, but this is still a very dangerous swim.

Seeker and Discovery are partnering to cover this epic swim by both live-streaming his progress on and by creating a documentary about it called "The Swim" which will be released in 2019.

Congratulations Ben Lecomte for becoming the next Vincent Award recipient. The Vincent Award was, after all, named after Vincent's famous swim in Gattaca so it only seemed fitting. Good luck Ben...

Read more about Ben's swim by reading the article over at the Good News Network and be sure to visit for daily updates on his progress.

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