Vincent Award #70: Justin McNeil

Vince Villano on the left and Justin McNeil on the right (Image from

Vince Villano on the left and Justin McNeil on the right (Image from

This week's Vincent Award goes to Justin McNeil. Justin's wife Nicole works as a barista at a Starbucks in DuPont, Washington and in January of 2017 she noticed one of her customers seemed very depressed. After asking the customer what was wrong she found out Vince Villano had recently been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (an incurable genetic condition). Vince needed a kidney transplant or he faced a permanant need for dialysis. Nicole eventually mentioned this to her husband and her husband immediately said

“I’ve got a kidney, you know, we could do this. I think I’m willing to do that.”

Justin was tested for compatibility and soon after Justin and Vince Vilano connected and became friends. Eventually Justin was found to be a compatible donor and the transplant surgery was conducted and was sucessful.

All of this happened because one person asked another if he was ok. From there this simple act of compassion for another human being spiraled into another selfless act that saved one person from a lifetime of suffering and connected two people who would have otherwise never met.

Congratulations to Justin McNeil for stepping up and literally giving a part of yourself to another person. If this isn't "holding nothing back" I don't know what is. Your example shows us how we should strive to act when we hear of others in need.

Please check out the full story over at the Good News Network and at

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