I'm Back!

Just like the person in the photo I have been resting and not blogging much here, but that is chaging today...I'm back!

Way back in December I got really really sick with vertigo from a virus that attacked my inner ear. I didn't end up going back to work again until late January but ever since I have not fully recovered. A few weeks back I took my first long vacation since I got sick and during that long break I noticed all of my lingering symptoms went away. But when I returned to work they immediately came back.

I was fortunate enough that I had several of these "breaks" from work right in a row (both in State and out of State) that allowed me to experiment and without a doubt my dizzy/wooziness symptoms were directly related to me being physically at work. Something in my work building is causing me to have ongoing syptoms from the nasty vertigo I had back in December.

After living with this for over 8-months now I didn't realize just how wiped out and not well I really was until I went symptom free. Wow! Now that I know how to keep the syptoms from coming back I am continuing to be symptom free and I feel fantastic. When you feel pretty rotten it is really hard to go to work and function, much less come home on the evenings and weekends and feel like doing ANYTHING. That is why I have been missing in action with respect to this blog. But now that I know how to avoid these sypmtoms and feel like myself again I am back to blogging. In the mean time my office building is being tested and I lucky enough to be able to telework until I figure out what is going on and how I can permanantly fix it.

So I'm back. You will see more posts from me here going forward as long as I contine to feel well enough to do so!

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