1000 Workouts


Last night I hit a rather interesting and surprising milestone...my 1000th Apple Watch workout! I received my Apple Watch exactly 1579 days ago. That means in over 4.25 years there were only 579 days out of the 1579 days that I didn’t complete a workout. That’s a 63% success rate.

That may not seem like that big of a success, 63%. But I’ve gone through 2 launch campaigns (during which I have to work very long hours making workouts nearly impossible). I have also traveled more in the last 2 years than I have in all the years of my career previous to that combined...a seriously insane amount of traveling. So given all that, I take this milestone and 63% as a huge win.

I’ll go even further, each and every workout any one of us does is a huge win...period. One of the great things about Apple Watch is that it gives each of us these badges and other nudges of encouragement to keep going. Another sneaky thing the watch does is it makes it easy to connect with friends and share workout summaries with them. Nothing gets you off the couch faster than getting a notification that a friend or family member just finished another workout. If they can do it they I can too, right?

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