Review: AeroPress Timer for iOS

I have a bit of a coffee problem. Coffee was an essential part of my diet in college when I was working and going to school and that necessity grew into a taste for the delicious beverage. So I drink a lot of coffee. This past Christmas I was given an AeroPress coffee maker. For those of you that don't know what an AeroPress is, it is essentially a large "syringe like" device that allows you to mix water and coffee grounds together and brew the coffee by applying pressure to the cylindrical plastic chamber by pressing down on the plunger. The idea behind this particular type of coffee maker is that it gives you the ability to make amazing tasting coffee is a very short amount of time with a simple and inexpensive device.

After I received my AeroPress for Christmas it took me a while to really start using it on a regular basis. You see, even though it only takes 1-2 minutes to make a cup of coffee using the AeroPress it is still a rather complicated multi-step process. To make matters even more confusing there are many many different methods you can use, some of them involve using the AeroPress upside down (it's called the inverted method). I'm still waiting for the method that requires the user to be upside down. So it wasn't until I found out about a great little iOS app called AeroPress Timer that really starting using my AeroPress on a regular basis.

AeroPress Timer for iOS is exactly what it says it is, a timer. But built-in along side the timer functionality is a step-by-step set of instructions that walk you through how to brew a cup of coffee (or several cups since there are 2 cup recipes as well). The main screen of the app has a list of several different categories of recipes:

  • Standard Recipes
  • Two Cup Recipes
  • Two in-app purchase add-on recipe packs
    • Championship Pack (award winning recipes)
    • Roaster Pack (recipes created by popular roasters)
  • Brewing Tips (brief descriptions of how the various methods work and how to get the best tasting coffee)

Once you select a recipe to use the app takes you to a list view of the recipe. The list view shows each step involved in the recipe along with a summary of how much ground coffee, water and total preparation time is involved. At the bottom of the list there is a button to start the timer and once you press that button you need to be ready to start.

Each step is then displayed individually on the screen along with a countdown of how long you need to take for each step. This is really handy if you aren't a morning person and even a 5 step procedure to make your perfect cup of coffee is too complicated. Once you use the AeroPress a few times and get used to the various methods, following the AeroPress Timer instructions is second nature.

AeroPress Timer is a really useful and visually pleasing app. The user interface is simple and intuitive, yet has just enough polish and color to make is a joy to use. Most importantly, this app allows you to very quickly and easily try out a rather large set of really high quality AeroPress recipes in a way that isn't intimidating to those of us that really like coffee but aren't necessarily master coffee artisans.

AeroPress Timer costs $2.99 in the App Store (I know, an app that costs money, but it is well worth it). There is a free in-app purchase that gets you the Championship pack of recipes and then a $1.99 in-app purchase that gets you the Roaster Pack of recipes. So for less than a cup of overpriced coffee you can have a handy tool in the palm of your hand that helps you make even better coffee from here on out...highly recommended!

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