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Vincent Award #29: Shelby Osborne

This week's Vincent Award goes to Kentuckiana High School senior Shelby Osborne, who has become the 1st female football player to play football for a College football team in the position she is playing. The real "kicker" to this story is that she is NOT the kicker, she plays defensive back! Her parents were suspicious when she didn't want them watching her football games. She never fully explained the position she was playing, they just assumed she was the kicker. When she starting hunting around for a scholarship to play football in college she would get the same response from college after college when they found out she was female..."No more emails, no more calls, no more anything...Just cut off." That was until a recruiting trip to Campbellsville University, when she signed a letter of intent to play for their football team. Grants and scholarships will cover about 80% of her tuition. At 5' 6" it takes a lot of heart to play defensive back, best of luck Shelby!

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Shelby Osborne at practice

Shelby Osborne at practice

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