Super Arc Light: Old-School Arcade Shooter


Super Arc Light is a simple arcade style iOS Shooter game I have been playing for a while now. It is deceptively simple from game play perspective, but is incredibly challenging. Oh, and did I mention it is the perfect game to play with your favorite high-octane music blaring. The game mechanics were designed specifically for iOS, so it only involves tapping anywhere on the screen to play. You pilot a ship in the center of a bunch of concentric circles. Your ship, which is nothing more than a small solid circle that is traveling along the inner-most circle at a constant speed, will start rotating in the opposite direction each time you tap on the screen. If you hold your finger on the screen your ship will slow down and start firing. Your mission is to destroy all incoming enemy ships that approach you from the outside circles. The enemy ships come in various forms, speeds and flight patterns making it very difficult to keep up as the enemies start coming faster and faster.

Super Arc Light has been updated since I started playing it and the update really enhanced the game play. The total score is now shown in the center of the screen, there are new weapons and points are now assigned based on the speed at which you kill the enemy ships. Bottom line...Super Arc Light is super fun to play.

I mentioned that playing the game with some high-octane music made it even better. My two favorite Apple Music playlists for playing with super Arc Light are song mentioned in two of my favorite novels... Ready player One (iBook store) and Armada (iBook store). I wrote up a short blog post a while back, and from those posts you can save off my Ready Player One playlist and my Armada playlist if you subscribe to Apple Music. Of course, you could just buy the songs individually if you want to do it old-school.

Strap in, get ready to shoot down some incoming enemy ships and enjoy the ride...

Review: Lara Croft GO for iOS

Lara Croft GO for iOS

Lara Croft GO for iOS

Tis' the season for some really great apps to go on sale in both the iOS and Mac App Stores leading up to Christmas. I've heard a lot of really good things about Lara Croft GO and I saw that it was on sale (60% off) for the holidays so I grabbed it. Immediately after downloading it I opened the app while on the couch with my iPad Pro and started playing it. Within a few minutes I had my youngest daughter (10 years old) beside me and before long she was not only just giving me verbal "hints" but then it turned into taps and swipes on the screen. Before long we were taking turns beating various levels of the game and a couple of hours quickly passed. What really impressed me was how quickly she was able to catch on to the puzzles and find the solutions often times faster than I could. The "force" is strong with this one!

So maybe I should describe the game. It is a turn based puzzle game where you move the character Lara Croft (the female "Indiana Jones like" character from the Tomb Raider movies and video games) as she goes hunting for relics. Each "stage" or screen has you move the character one step or move at a time. You have to figure out the right combination and timing of moves as to avoid enemies (snakes, spiders, rolling boulders, rotating saw blades, etc...). These puzzles can be quite tricky and you end up getting eaten by a lot snakes and spiders, crushed by boulders or fall to your doom many times before you figure out how to navigate the stage. The graphics of the game are a combination of high quality 3D graphics for the main game play with the stage backdrops being more of a sweeping watercolor style of art work, a very striking combination. The soundtrack is minimal and the sound effects (especially with the iPad Pro speakers) are really engaging.

Image courtesy of the iOS App Store

Image courtesy of the iOS App Store

I highly recommend grabbing Lara Croft GO while it is still 60% off. It is one of those games that you can either spend a few minutes playing while waiting in line somewhere or spend an hour or two while enjoying your morning cup (or pot) of coffee. Some of the stages can be quite challenging, but they aren't so complex that my 10 year old gets frustrated (I keep telling myself this when I hit a hard stage). Obviously, it is also a great game to play with your kids...

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