Phaëton for iOS: The Fictional Video Game from Armada

If you are a retro gaming and 80's pop culture fan like I am then I'm sure you have heard of the novels of Ernest Cline:

Ready Player One


If you haven't hear of these books, seriously, stop reading this article right now and go buy and read them. But if you have read these books then be sure to check out the free iOS game Phaëton.


Phaëton is a fictional video game that has a very important role in the book Armada. It is a pretty simple space shooter video game that was developed in junction with Ernest Cline and based on the 1980 Atari game Battlezone. In true Ernest Cline style there are all kinds of references and eater eggs from the book scattered throughout the game. The game itself is a blast to play. I find that it's hard to find a really engaging shooter game in iOS. They are either way too hard or the game mechanics are frustrating. Phaëton gets it just right in my opinion. While the control mechanics were designed specifically for the iOS touch interface and work well, the real kicker to Phaëton is that is also works with the Nimbus Steelseries Bluetooth controller. The Nimbus is a must have if you like to game in iOS or on the Apple TV. In the case of Phaëton it gives the game a true arcade feel.


I don't have a lot of free time, so the limited time I do I tend to spend on things I truly enjoy. I had a bit of free time this past Sunday morning and came across Phaëton. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that up until then I didn't know this game even existed, and I'm a huge Ernest Cline fan. So big a fan in fact, that I even created my own Ready Player One and Armada playlists in Apple Music and wrote up blog posts for each one (see my posts on the Ready Player One playlist and the Armada playlist). So go download my Apple Music playlist from the novel Armada and get some truly geek time in by playing Phaëton while listening to the Armada playlist. Your welcome...

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