iPhone Nano?

The new Apple TV remote or is it the new iPhone Nano? 

The new Apple TV remote or is it the new iPhone Nano? 

My son grabbed our new Apple TV remote the other day to charge it and as I saw it laying on the desk plugged in I had a flashback to 2008. Remember all the rumors not long after the original iPhone had just come out and everyone thought Apple would come out with a smaller iPhone (i.e. "iPhone Nano"). The new Apple TV remote form factor makes me think of what I conceptualized as that device. It is interesting to look back at those rumors and contrast them with Apple's recent push to grow the iPhone screen larger and larger. Now with the iPhone 6s Plus and the new iPad Pro, it seems like Apple is only pushing for larger screens instead of smaller screens. However, there are pretty strong rumors that Apple is developing a new phone with a smaller 4" screen size (think iPhone 5 and 5s form factor with iPhone 6 capabilities). My wife will be one of the first ones to buy one of these smaller iPhones if Apple does indeed start selling them. I've been told that girls pants pockets are a little on the small size, although my wife and daughter are telling me that there are some new women's clothes coming out now with an extra pocket sized specifically for the iPhone!

We are starting to see Apple diversify both the iPhone, iPad and Mac Laptops lines. I would love to see Apple go even smaller than a 4" iPhone. I think they need a form factor very similar to the new Apple TV remote and make it a kid phone. Pre-program it with parent, grandparent, a few freinds and "911" speed dials. Impliment a limited "kid friendly" Siri and have it use "Find My Friends" and you have a very limited and inexpensive cell phone that actually makes sense to give to a younger child. I think my youngest daughter, who is 10, is in the minority in her class at school because she does not carry a cell phone. I know there are kid friendly phones out there, but I would love to have one that works in the Apple ecosystem. Maybe, just maybe with Apple diversifying the iPhone lineup they will consider doing something like this. One can hope...

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