Your Facebook Feed Is No Longer Your Own

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Let’s do a little experiment...if you got to my post here on 1Wayswim via Facebook press the “like” button on Facebook. I have 58 people following 1Wayswim on Facebook and I’m willing to bet only a handful of those 58 people will actually see this article in their feed.

About a week ago GeekDad published an article informing all of our readers on how to continue to get GeekDad and GeekMom content...outside of Facebook. Why? Because Facebook has made a change to its algorithms that create each of your Facebook feeds. Yes, there is a Facebook computer that decides for you which item goes into your feed and which items do not. For now, Facebook has only made this change in 6 markets across the globe and this is only a test. But this brought up a really important point to a lot of content publishers...Facebook can do anything it wants with its own site. Makes sense. But keep that in mind, Facebook is a service and you are not the customer but rather you are product. Facebook makes a lot of money by serving you ads. So your Facebook feed is not something you have complete control over, Facebook ultimately decides what you see and what you don’t see. If Facebook is literally your only window into the internet then you may not have much of a choice but to just accept this. But if you are a little more internet savy there are a lot better options out there for you to get the published content you want to read.

Below are a few other options for you to get my 1Wayswim published blog content besides using Facebook:

  • Subscribe by email: I use a Google service called Feedburner that takes each new article I post and turns it into an email that is sent your inbox. All you have to do is click on the “Subscribe” button on the front page of my website and then enter in your email address into the “Subscribe by email” section of that page. I don’t do anything with your email address, so don’t worry you won’t get any spam from me.
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  • Apple News: Each new article I post on 1Wayswim is also published on Apple’s “News” service. If you own an Apple device then you have this app. It’s actually a really great way to get a variety of news content all in one location. If you use this app then you can “Favorite” 1Wayswim and that is an easy way to see all of the content I produce. If you do use the Apple News service be sure to “Love” my articles so that Apple News will suggest my content to other users.
  • RSS: This is people who are a little bit more tech savy and choose to use an RSS service to collect their news. I use RSS to get most of my news content and its great. With RSS you can choose what app you use to subscribe and manage your RSS feeds and then choose what separate app you want to use to actually read that content. So you get a ton of control. If you use RSS you can do a search for “1Wayswim” in your RSS service or use this link to my RSS feed: HTTP://1WAYSWIM.COM/?FORMAT=RSS

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family members that don’t keep in touch with you in any other way, but because Facebook controls everything about its service it is not the best choice for you the content consumer. If you ultimately want to decide what content to consume I suggest you use an alternative method to get the content you want to read.

1WaySwim is Now Published in Apple's News App

Just wanted to let my readers know that you now have yet another way to read my blog posts. 1WaySwim content is now also being published in Apple's new "News" app/service on iOS devices. Just click the link below or search for "1WaySwim" within the app to find the channel for this blog and add it as a favorite.

So what is this iOS News app anyway? It is a way to regularly read news from sources that you like, while at the same time get recommendations for news stories from sources that you may not know about. The News app comes pre-installed on all iOS devices running iOS 9 or greater, so it is a stock app that you can't delete. I use a good old-fashioned RSS reader to get my news, but I've been trying out the News app recently to see how I like it. What I did was take all of the news sources that I currently read via RSS and if they were available in Apple's News app then I added them as a favorite to the News app. Then I created a special group in my RSS reader called Apple News and I've been trying to get my news from those sources in Apple's News app now instead of reading it my RSS reader. I then created a folder on my iPad to keep all my news and information apps together to remind me to open up and read the News app (since it's not habit for me to do just yet). So I'm giving it a try. I don't think the News app is going to work for how I like to consume my news stories, at least not for most of my news sources. For some news sources I really like the way the stories are displayed in the News, so I may decide that for some of my news the News app is a better way to consume. Like I said, I'm giving it a try...

A screenshot of my new News folder of apps on my iPad  

A screenshot of my new News folder of apps on my iPad  

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