Nimbus SteelSeries

Nimbus Steel Series Compatible Games on iOS


Quite a while back I bought a Nimbus SteelSeries bluetooth game controller to use with my AppleTV. It works great as there are some really amazing games available for the AppleTV. But the Nimbus also works for iOS games if the game developer has implemented the compatibility in their app. But how do you know what games will work with your Nimbus before you buy them? There are several ways. The Nimbus website has a long list of compatible games, but there are so many games on the App Store that this list isn't the most updated way to keep track. So Nimbus gives you another option, they have a free iOS app that is kept up to date and lists all the apps currently on the App Store that support the Nimbus. The app is nice and it has directions for how to properly configure and use your Nimbus, but searching and browsing through all those apps is not easy. So I give you a 3rd option. Here is a list of some my favorite iOS apps that support the Nimbus:

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