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My Thoughts on the Series 2 Apple Watch


I've owned the Series 2 Apple Watch for about a month now, so I figured it was about time I shared my thoughts. As you may know if you read my post a month ago, I gave up on my original Series 0 Apple Watch after having it replaced 3 different times by Apple because the back kept falling off.

I opted to get the black stainless steel Series 2 Apple Watch, not because I really wanted the black but rather the black stainless steel was the only version locally in stock at the time. Turns out I actually like the black stainless steel better than the regular stainless steel. It looks really sharp and despite what many tech pundits thought the black stainless steel actually looks great with pretty much all the Apple Watch bands out there.

Battery Life:

This is hands down the biggest improvement I have noticed with the new Series 2 Apple Watch. Right away I noticed when I got up every morning that the battery percentage I woke up with was either exactly the same as when I went to bed or within a percentage or two (yes I sleep with my Apple Watch). I also noticed a big difference during the day. Before if I had a long workout and had been using my watch all day my battery would be fairly low by bedtime. Not anymore. The battery on this new Series 2 Watch is solid and just keeps going.


I'm not a big runner, but I do go out running at least once or twice a week. I own the iPhone 7 Plus, so there is no way I am going running with my iPhone. So with the Series 0 watch when I went running without my iPhone the watch would rely on a pedometer function within the watch to track my distance. Now that I have the Series 2 watch (which has GPS built in) I have very accurate distance tracking. Again, I am not running crazy distances or anything but it's a nice feature to have.


Let's face it, this why I bought the watch. I suspect that living in Florida and cycling as much as I do that the water-proofing on the original Apple Watch just couldn't take the conditions I was putting it through. Even though I live in Florida I really don't swim all that often, so using the watch for a swim workout isn't really a feature I needed. But since I do workout so often I take a lot showers and its nice to not have to worry about taking off the watch before hopping in the shower.

Screen Brightness:

This was another big feature of the Series 2 had a much brighter screen. Exercising as much as I do out in the Florida sun I can say that having a brighter screen is actually really nice. With my Series 0 watch it was not easy to read my watch face if I was out on a run, but this isn't a problem with the Series 2.

Faster Processor:

Maybe something is wrong with me. The feature I was looking forward to the most was the faster processor. It drove me nuts when I would try to use a 3rd party app and it would take forever to load. But maybe I just don't rely on 3rd party apps enough (in fact I know I don't) because I really haven't noticed much of a difference. Sure it's faster when switching from one app to another, but the processor bump wasn't earth-shattering or anything. Honesty, when Apple made a tweak to the watchOS a while back and allowed the watch processor to run a bit hotter I thought the speed increase was much more noticeable. Don't get me wrong, the new processor is nice but didn't end up being the killer feature of the new watch I thought it was going to be.

Overall I am very happy with all the new features that the Series 2 Watch brought with it (with the biggest feature being that the back of the watch no longer falls off). If you aren't having any issues with your Series 0 Apple Watch I would honestly hold off. It sounds like Apple will be updating the Apple Watch again soon, so you might want to wait until the Series 3 hits the street. But if you do upgrade I think you will be pretty happy with the overall package.

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