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There is so much good original content out there on the web today. But still, when I look on social media I see many of the same big news sources being shared over and over again. Why is that? I think part of what is causing that is just awareness. It takes a lot of work to get your content out in front of a lot of people and generally speaking large organizations are the ones that have the time and resources to make that happen. But that isn't always the case. If you consistently publish good content and you are patient...people will find you.

I started my 1Wayswim blog on May 6, 2012. So 1Wayswim is just a few days short of turning 5 years old. Despite the fact that this blog is just a fun hobby for me and that I have a very busy day job and only have time to post a few times a week, my blog audience has continued to grow over the years. But I still run into people I know that don't know I have a blog. So obviously I don't do as much promotion as I should. There is only so much time in the day.

One of the things that keeps me writing on this blog is that I haven't found very many other independent blogs like mine that write about things I am interested in. So I continue to write about things I am passionate about. But I know there are others out there like me that have similar interests. I need your help to reach them.

There are a couple of easy ways for you to help me spread the word about the content I have already published and the content I will continue to publish going forward:

  1. Apple News: Every article I have published here on my blog since Feb of 2016 is also published on Apple's relatively new news service called "News." If you have an iOS device it came with the News app pre-installed. It's a great little news reader and it presents you with stories based on news articles that you "love". Apple's News service reaches a very large audience, but my articles on News go virtually unread. So do me a favor. Click on the link below and it will open up to my 1Wayswim page in the News app which has all of my 1Wayswim articles. Click on the "heart" to "love" 1Wayswim and then click the heart on as many of my individual blog posts listed there as you can. This will help the News app recommend my articles to other readers of the News app. Click here for the link to my channel in the News app.
  2. Medium: I also have posted a selection of my articles on a blogging service called Medium. I'm not asking anyone to create a Medium account, but if you already use Medium please recommend a few of my articles. To recommend one of my articles go here and click on the "heart" on my individual articles listed and this will help Medium recommend my articles to other readers.
  3. Social Media: If you are on social media and you come across one of my articles that you think others will like please share it. I include social media sharing buttons at the bottom of each of my articles so you are just a click away from sharing. Click here to see a list of every article I have ever written here at 1Wayswim and feel free to share older articles too (some get better with age)!
  4. Email: Not everyone is on social media and I know we all have friends and family that stay away from social media (smart people). But almost everyone has an email address. So Click here to see a list of every article I have ever written here at 1Wayswim and feel free to share with people you know. To share an article via email just copy the URL (web address) from your browser into an email. You might also suggest to them in your email to them that they visit my "Subscribe Page". There is an option on that page to subscribe to my new articles via email. All they have to do is enter their email address into the entry field and every new article I post will be automatically delivered to them via email.

Thank you in advance for helping me spread the word about my content here at 1Wayswim. Personalized information and views from small independent blogs is something we all should support so that people that take the time to write that original content continue to do so. I follow quite a few small blogs and in a future post I am going to share some of my favorites with you.

Writing on an iPad Pro in Cramped Spaces


Is it just me or are airplanes getting smaller? I swear I used to be able to get work done on flights, but the space between your chest and the back of the seat in front of you seems to keep shrinking (and I swear it's not because I'm growing a belly). Anymore I don't even have enough space to prop up my ipad Pro much less type on it. But I have a secret weapon. It's an app called MyScript Stylus and I've written about it before. But this time I am writing about the app while on a cramped airplane.


Luckily the people on either side of me on this particular flight were asleep, so I didn't have to explain why I was taking a picture of my lap

The MyScript Stylus is essentially a 3rd party keyboard you can install on your iPad. But instead of giving you a keyboard with keys it replaces the keyboard with a space to physically write on and then converts your handwriting to typed text within any app you are in. In the picture above you can see the blank space just below the row of buttons.

I am always pressed for time, so if there is any way for me to take advantage of a long airplane flight and actually get something done I will do it! On my flight today, for example, I was able to brainstorm a rough plan for a Project I have for my summer intern using the iThoughts mind mapping program. I was also able to outline my next long blog post (I really only outline the really long ones) using OmniOutliner. And of course, I was able to write this blog post. MyScript Stylus allows me to physically write on the surface of my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and converts that handwriting to text. My handwriting is rubbish, but the app does an excellent job of interpreting my "chicken scratch." Being able to lay the iPad down flat and turn it at a slight angle allows me to write, even through I don't have enough space to move my elbows away from my sides. I wouldn't want to write a long article this way but I have to admit there is a certain satisfaction in physically writing out something as opposed to just typing it.

Reading & Writing

Since I have recently finished my masters degree I finally have some free time and have increased both my reading and my writing. So I wanted to create a page here on my blog to share with my readers both what I am currently reading and blog posts that are in-work to be published in the near future. So check out my new Reading & Writing page and feel free to shoot me any questions you have about what I am reading or what I am working on publishing. Just shoot me a short message via the Contact Page.

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