Vincent Award #13: Kristen De Sousa

This week's Vincent Award goes to 15-year old Kristen De Sousa from Dubai. Kristen just finished an amazing 88-day journey. Over an 88-day period Kristen completed 7 (yes 7!) marathons, one of those marathons being a 50 km ultra-marathon in Chile on January 30th. Kristen made it into the Alternate Book of Records for being the "Youngest female to complete seven marathons on seven continents". The amazing part of this story for me was that when Kristen was approached by her parents with the idea of taking up a series of runs for charity, not being much of an athlete, her "impulsive" answer was NO. However, after thinking it over for a few weeks she decided to give it a shot. Kristen and her mother began training for these events together and planned out a series of runs for charity that fit in before the start o f her school year in February. I can only hope that each of has a little bit of Kristen's courage such that we can say "yes" when asked to take on a challenge that our body and our mind tell us is impossible but our soul tells us otherwise.

The original news article (complete with a great bio on Kristen and a complete list of her marathons) can be found at

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Vincent Award #8: Janette & Alan Murray

This week's Vincent Award goes to the husband and wife pair of Janette Murray-Wakelin (age 64) and Alan Murray (age 68) who ran a marathon every day for 365 days in a row in 2013. What's even more amazing is that they did all of this running on a raw vegan diet. Then, on Wednesday January 1st they ran their 366th consecrative marathon which is a world record.

The original article can be found at the Huffington Post. The unbelievable couple also have their own FaceBook page.

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